Happy Women


The focus of my coaching is to help you to develop your career or business without compromising on your wellbeing.


 I want you to work well, and to be well at work.

You can work with me to;

  • Switch up careers

  • Change job

  • Build resilience and wellbeing

  • Grow your confidence at work

  • Develop essential work skills


Life's too short to be miserable at work. 

Work can be pressured but that doesn't mean you have to be stressed or anxious every day.

My individual and group programmes help you get to where you want to be.

Outdoor Study Group

What my clients say

I found my coaching sessions with Nicky incredibly helpful with not only reaching my goals but also realising some important truths about myself

Nicky is a great all round coach who I would highly recommend to anyone

Nicky helped me to identify and remove some blockers that were preventing me from completing a major project of mine

I am very grateful for Nicky's coaching and her support throughout this journey

I felt great rapport with Nicky thanks to her lovely way of coaching and her total professionalism. It always felt like I was in safe trustworthy hands

Nicky is excellent at keeping the focus and bringing me back to topic, quickly and easily

My sessions with Nicky have really helped me to keep the belief in myself and keep going to reach my dreams. The desire is strong and belief absolute

I would not hesitate to recommend Nicky's coaching; it can help in all areas of your life

It is like having a little super power balanced on your shoulder and whispering in your ear that anything is possible

Nicky's coaching has taken me to a place where I am now just positively busy and even have time to relax and enjoy time off as well

I've achieved more in the last 2 months in my business than what I did in the rest of the year

I would highly recommend Nicky to anyone looking for good quality coaching


Life's too short to be miserable at work.

It's time to be well at work instead.