DISC profiling

Behavioural personality profiling

(for individuals or teams)

DISC was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in the 1920s at Harvard University when he was researching for his book 'The Emotions of Normal People'.

It is a useful tool based on just 4 styles which combine to give a wider combination with different ranges.  


We're all different so this isn't about putting people into personality buckets.  It's about learning more about your own preferences to give you more power to reach your goals. 

Understanding DISC can also help you to interact more effectively with others including customers and colleagues.

I found it personally useful to understand my working style and to use that knowledge to improve my stress levels, achieve goals and manage relationships.  It even helped me to turn perceived weakness into strength.

And it's really simple to get to grips with.


Opt for a profile only package, or build into a DISCover Yourself session or coaching package.  Bulk buy options and team options are also available.