2 ways to write a Resolution

You can probably think of a hundred ways to write a resolution.

But I'd like to share some contrasting ways with you, so that you can choose ones with might work better.

As a Coach (and as someone who has been coached) I appreciate how important it is to write down your goals (or resolutions!).

But there are different ways to word them. And it's helpful read them out loud so that you can feel if they are worded right for you.

Some of the suggestions below will make more sense to you than others.

It's different for different people so go with what feels best for you. It's your resolution, not anyone else's.

Now let's have a look at these opposing pairs...

Is your resolution positive or negative?

Generally it's best to write resolutions ro goals in the positive rather than negative.

Take a look at your resolution. Is it positive?

If it is negative, have a think about how you can change it so that it becomes positive.

So, you might have written down "I will get out of this horrible job"

And then change it to "I will start a wonderful new job this year"

Ideally, you'll aim for a more specific goal than I've written although sometimes you start with a vague goal and then list the specifics underneath it.

(If you need help with job requirements then take a look at my Step On programme on www.step-on.thinkific.com where the first sections include requirements decisions!)

Is your resolution in the present or future tense?

Did you know that you can write resolutions in the past or present tense?

There's no correct version, it's what works best for you.

I love this option because people can get really passionate about what works best for them and completely reject the other option!

For example, you could write

I will start a wonderful new job this year


I have started a wonderful new job

Read them aloud to yourself and you'll soon hear which one sounds right for you. Try it out.

You might want to make up a few resolutions and try out these different tenses to see if they always go the same way for you.

I've definitely got a preference but I love to see how other people go completely the opposite to me! Who knew that a tiny change in wording could make such a difference to how we approach our resolutions/goals.

Whatever choice you make today, I wish you all the best with succeeding in your resolutions!

Are you a career changer or job seeker?

For more resources, join my Facebook page today - www.facebook.com/groups/steponcareers/

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