Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the first blog on my new coaching website.

As with all dreams, it starts with a tiny step. My website is no exception. It's taken a fair bit of planning and bravery to get this far. And the first stage is complete. But like all big dreams and goals, there is much more to do.

If it wasn't for coaching, I wouldn't have got this far with my blog or website. You see, while I'm completing my two Coaching Diplomas, I'm also being coached by some lovely, talented people. I'm very much doing what I recommend.

By the way, because I've got 2 Coaching Diplomas underway; I'm offering free short courses of coaching sessions in return for testimonials. Whilst I need clients who will provide me with testimonials, it seemed fair that I cover the costs of those sessions for you.

What do I get from being Coached?

It makes me stop and reflect on what I need to do to get closer to my goals. It's helped me to realise what my priorities actually are. And because I know I've got another session in the diary, it also helps to keep me focused and on track. I find it helpful to think out loud and my coaches ask me questions that really make me stop and think.

The past few months

Being coached over the past few months has led me to do a lot of reflection and to gain greater self-awareness. This has been in relation to moving closer to my goal so it's very much outcome focused. My coaches have been non-judgmental so I feel comfortable sharing my fears and 'daft ideas' with them.

I've definitely taken some brave decisions and big steps in the past few months. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have got this far without taking the time out to be coached.

Coaching is now part of my personal toolkit

And yes, I'm continuing to be coached as I've got so many things I want to achieve that it's now an essential tool in my organisational toolkit.