Welcome to your fabulous February!

How are you doing?


I’ve had a mixed start to the year if I’m really, really honest. Started off with my big aim plus my monthly goals all written down. A strong start... but there was such a lot in there that it's no surprise that some things got left behind. I did a bit of reflection a few weeks back during a review session with my own Coach. In the review session, we looked back on what I’d achieved since November. It really helped as I’d forgotten how far I’d come in just a few weeks. And even without ticking every box; recalling how far I’d come gave me the encouragement to get on what I needed to do next.

This session also encouraged me to take a view on the one thing that consistently got left behind from my goals. Interestingly that ‘one thing’ is still the same a few weeks later so my lesson is far from being learnt... Anyway, I’m taking time today to look back and learn from January. And I’d encourage you to do the same.

What worked well for me? (Those are the things I want to do more of in February.)

And what held me back? How did I get in my own way? (Those are the things I want less of.) My big aims are pretty big and will take up to 2 years to achieve. Pausing every month to check in on where I’m heading and how close I am getting is really helpful. Even at this early stage. I didn't really get going until the summer and I’m already so much closer to what I'm aiming for. What have I learnt so far? Well, if you didn’t get to 1 February where you wanted to be, just relax. Be honest with yourself, and be compassionate too. Sometimes life does get in the way, and that's not always a bad thing. Take a pause, and think about how to get closer to where you’d like to be in February. And as February is the shortest month, it seems to me that it is a great opportunity to get in some of those short term wins.