Coaching in a nutshell...

Until a few years ago, I had no idea what coaching was; apart from sports coaching for athletes.

Many people have something they want to achieve. A goal, a dream, an ambition perhaps? Or something they want less of – a rubbish commute, a job they hate. For some people, it’s something they’ve wanted for some time but may not have succeeded yet. Or a big change to work through and they're not sure what to do next.

What if you could have a regular time when you could focus on what you needed to do to achieve your goal? To have someone who is focused on listening to you without judgement, challenging you in a respectful way, and helping you to break something that sounds overwhelming into achievable steps.

Well, that’s what coaching is!

It’s not therapy or mentoring. Coaches don't offer opinions or advice. They listen and seek to understand. Coaching looks forward towards whatever it is you are aiming to achieve.

You may be coached in person, or remotely by phone or video call. My clients usually work with me in 30 minutes sessions as they're trying to fit coaching into a busy evening. But sessions can last for up to an hour.

We explore what the goal or ambition is, and work through how best to get there. Sessions are usually 2 or 4 weeks apart to allow enough time to work on the actions, and for any new learnings to sink in a bit.

If you work with me, then as your coach, I will need to ask you questions to explore your goal, and anything that might be holding you back. Most people describe it as an empowering experience.

The best way to find out about coaching is to give it a go.

I’m offering a free 'first step' session to answer your questions, give you a bit more detail and to check that coaching is the right route for you. It's also a great opportunity to make sure I’m the right coach for you. We’ll be speaking regularly, so it’s important.

Visit to book a time to talk.

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