5 free apps to help you manage your time

Whether you're working for yourself (or balancing a paid job with running your own business) managing time effectively is a crucial skill.

Many business owners either find it too easy to work and forget to play; or they find it hard to get stuck into the work that matters. Time pressure can add to stress, and there are lots of articles about how stress impacts negatively on your health.

Hands typing on a laptop next to a notepad and pen

'Job-related illness...is a growing problem in the UK and elsewhere, exacerbated by stress and more of us being overwhelmed by the "to do" list'

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32829232

There are many strategies to help you to manage your time but to get you started here are 5 of the apps that I’ve tried from the App Store (so they are all iOS apps). I've used all of them, and at the time of writing, they were available for free so you can experiment all you want.



This is an app that’s designed to help you if you are billing clients by the hour. You can also allocate your non-billable time. So by the end of the week or month, you can look back and see j