Feeling stuck? Why are you in business?

There's a reason why you started your business. There's a reason why you continue to work hard to be successful. But can you remember what that is? And is it still relevant?

woman surrounded by colourful stationery

Did you leave a job to start your own business with the ambition of having a healthier lifestyle, more fun and an improved work-life balance. But end up working longer hours and still not getting active, spending quality time with their family or taking holidays?

Stop! It's time to reconnect with your business.

You've probably spent a lot of time working 'in' your business, but haven't made time to work 'on' your business.

Let's do get you on the right path again.

Get a cup of tea and something to write notes with...

1. Write it all down

  • Write down all the things that you wanted to get out of running your own business. Everything. However big or small. Regardless of whether you've achieved it yet.

2. Tick off everything that's going great

  • Put a big tick next to everything that is going as planned.

  • Stop and Celebrate - you're doing great!

3. Cross off anything that's no longer important

  • Then look at what's left. How many of these things are still important to you?

  • Cross off anything that is no longer relevant or important to you.

4. What's left?

  • Now you've got a list of the things that haven't quite worked out yet. This is what you need to reflect on.

  • Go through your list and focus on what hasn't worked out. Why is that? What is this list telling you? Have you been putting in lots of time without enough being gained?

  • Consider what you could do differently. Maybe you could work less hours, maybe you can afford to outsource some work, maybe there's some software that could automate some of your work?

5. Your values

  • Putting your list aside, get a fresh paper and write down what your values are. This is outside of your business. This is just for you. Values could be anything that really matter to you - precision, kindness, quality, honesty, justice, personal development. If you struggle here, please message me for a 'values list' to get you started!

  • How many of these values are evident in your business?

  • How can you build more of your values into your business?

6. Plan and action

  • Now you've looked at what you want out of being in business, and what values drive you, you can write down your goal and set a direction of travel.

  • What could you do that would take you one step closer to having the business you want to have?

  • Pick one small step that you can take in the next 48 hours.

  • Pick a second step that you can take within the next 2 weeks.

  • Put each one in your diary. Then when the 48 hours or 2 weeks is up, reflect on what happened, what went well and what you have learned.

'Taking time out time to reflect on your business and yourself is time well spent'

women holding mug with the words 'like a boss' on it

I've learnt from coaching and being coached that there is a lot of value from having a regular time to pause and reflect.

And the small action steps that come out of that reflection that are key to progression. With steady steps, progress will be made.

Enjoy the ride!

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