Online training coming soon...

It's been a lovely summer here in the UK so far, but I've found it really easy to focus on developing my coaching practice because I've been setting actions every week, and committed to being coached towards my goals.

image of British countryside fields in summer

Online training courses for business promotion - coming soon!

In a few weeks, I will be launching online training for those of you who need a bit of support to get out there and promote your business - whether that's your own business or as part of your employed role.

I've been speaking to lots of you about your challenges and learning from you and my own experiences about how to gain that confidence.

Lots of my coaching clients have made huge changes and progress in 'getting out there' this year; finding the balance between being themselves and being confident enough to tell others about their product or service, and increasingly not being shy to talk about money!

My online training is designed to be a great complement to the support and accountability that is part of being coached. I'll be sharing updates on the training when it's ready as I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I look forward to updating you again very soon :)

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