New Year, New Career?

Coming back to work in January often starts off thoughts about career changes. But is it the right time for you?

Here are 10 useful questions to help you to make the right choice for you.

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  1. What is missing from your current career?

  2. What will this new career give you?

  3. Which values are not being met in your current career? And how will they be met in your new career? (Not heard about Values before? Ask me for a Values Exercise)

  4. What has sparked this need for change? Is it something you have desired for a long time, or something more recent? Are you envious of others, or do you want this for yourself? This will help to uncover your true motivation.

  5. If you have a new career in mind, is there some way of bringing aspects of it into your current career to ease the transition?

  6. What do you need to have in place before you can start your transition?

  7. How committed are you to changing your career right now? Is there a better time to do this? Or not at all?

  8. What can you do today to make your current career more enjoyable?

  9. What resources do you have to help you (experience, skills, people)?

  10. What resources would you call upon to help you change careers in an ideal world?

Hopefully this has brought you more clarity.

However, if you're really unhappy in your job, and don't know what to do about it, then that is a different set of questions entirely. Please get in

contact with me if this is where you're at.

In the meantime, the values exercise can be extremely enlightening. For me, it became clear when the career path is not an issue, but the job itself is totally the wrong fit.

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Here are a few areas I considered when I embarked on my own career transition.

  • My motivations and thinking long term (where I want to live, work and play)

  • Existing resources - time, money, qualifications, experience, network etc.

  • Other resources I need including my financial readiness both short and long term

  • Who I need to tell, and who will give me useful feedback (not just say it's impossible)

  • Any research or investigation I need to do to be sure

  • Accountability and clarity to keep me on track (I got myself a coach, of course!)

I also read quite a few books and articles, and listened to a heap of podcasts. More about those in a separate blog though :)

If you've already made a career transition then I'd love to hear what questions and considerations you made before you took the leap.

Realise Your Potential :)

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