Why coaching works

Having been coached intensively for a while now, here are my thoughts on why it works.

You decide what to do - or not

Like many human beings, if you give me well meaning advice which starts with the words 'what you should do is...' then I'm likely to tune out.

I might even agree with you. But I'll still tune out.

With pure coaching, there is rarely a time when you're told what to do by your coach. Pretty much never. Occasionally I've been offered an exercise to do, or a book to read, but always with the caveat 'it's up to you what you do about it'.

You're asked lots of questions in coaching sessions to help you gain insight and to explore your situation with your ultimate goal in mind. Then you choose the actions that you commit to take.

It's a real skill for the coach not to lead you. Especially when they think they've got the perfect solution for you! You are the client and you're in charge. It's really empowering. But I'm sure my coaches have occasionally been restraining themselves from throwing something at the screen during our calls!