Fill your glass first - self care tips

There's a saying that you can't pour from an empty cup. It simply means that if you don't look after yourself, then you won't have anything left to give to others.

String lights in a jar

It's the same as the airline analogy; that you put your oxygen mask on first before you help others.

But it's easier said than done. Because we're often too busy getting on with life to think about looking after ourselves.

So, here are 7 tips for looking after yourself. And I'd encourage you to pick at least one to try out today.

Remember to share your tips with me too! I'm still learning :)

1. Get some sleep

Go to bed early, without the tv or tablet. Make it extra special by putting on fresh bedding (why do we sleep better on fresh sheets?) and sprinkle some lavender to help you sleep deeply.

2. Go for a walk outside

Even if it's just for 10 minutes. Go for a walk outside. As I'm typing, we have sunshine in February which is perfect! But even if it's dull and grey, head outside and make the most of the fresh air.

3. Phone a friend

Being around people who care for you can really help to support you. Facebook and email are okay but having a chat is even better. Who can you call today? And if you really can't think of anyone at all that you want to speak to, then look for an evening class to join so that you can spend more time with like-minded people.

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4. Meditate

You can actually change your brain with meditation - who knew it was that powerful? Have a try with an app like Calm, Headspace or Breathe. Or be mindful with something else like learning to play an instrument, doing a jigsaw or doing some knitting: something which requires you to focus on completely without any distracting thoughts invading!

5. Healthy food and drink

Rather than focusing on cutting out the bad stuff (we all know what that is...); add in nutritious food and drink options. This is a gentler way to add in healthy options without worrying that you're cutting out. That way you're not punishing yourself, but instead you are nourishing yourself. It could be as simple as replacing caffeinated drinks with decaf. Or adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast or lunch. What can you add in today?

6. Banish the Bugs

This is about things that are cluttering up your mind.

It could be something that you're putting off (like change energy suppliers) or visiting the dentist. Or the fact that your shoes need cleaning. Or brushing the dog. Or decluttering the house.

It's those little things that are hanging around and cluttering up your mind. These tiny stressors build up to something much bigger so it's good to tackle them.

Start today by writing down everything that is 'bugging' you. Then commit to eliminate one every day. You'll soon feel so much better :)

7. Help someone

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to help someone else. Holding a door open for someone, or letting someone have right of way when driving. It doesn't need to be complicated. Want to do more? You could look for voluntary opportunities to help longer term. Take a look at how you can help your local community.

hands painted to look like a heart

Please share your favourite self-care tips with me, so that we can share the support :)

Dream. Plan. Act. Achieve.

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