Why managers need resilience

According to Gallup research, two-thirds of managers develop burnout on the job.

That’s a shocking statistic given the amount of investment made in managers by businesses across the UK.

With an increasing understanding and awareness of mental health in the workplace, there has never been a better time to look at how to build resilience in our managers.

Why managers in particular?

Because they are often caught in the middle of pressured situations. And often without peer support. Our managers are working hard to increase the productivity of their staff, whilst delivering their own workloads, and responding to pressures from senior management. They’re in a sandwich. And it can be a lonely place.

Yet with resilience training, our managers can build up a set of strategies and tools to give them an edge. Tools to help them manage their stress levels and respond to pressure in more helpful ways. Strategies to help them respond to pressure and conflict calmly.

We also find that managers are in the older age groups as it takes time to develop the skills to be an effective manager. They find themselves experience different pressures outside of work too. They start families, buy homes, invest in career development, go through divorce, experience health issues. These facts of life add onto the pressure they are experiencing at work.