6 most used business tools

As a small business owner, I thought it would be helpful to share the tools that I've found most useful as I set up my coaching practice from scratch, with very little additional funding.

I spent the bulk of my funding on getting high quality coaching training and qualifications. I thought my clients would appreciate that more than a fancy website; and it seems that decision was right.

Whichever tool I use, I aim to try it out first for ease of use; and to ensure it's fit for purpose. I don't want to waste my investment.

Some of the tools I use are free, some are free trials and some need investment. I'd love to hear which tools you use most frequently and how they help your business. I've included some alternatives which I've explored and might transfer across to in the future.

None of these are endorsements or recommendations. You need to make your own informed decision about the right tools for your business. I'm writing this to give you some ideas to get you going.

business meeting image