What is stress?

Recently, I joined Katie Stoddart (www.thefocusbee.com) for a joint webinar on the Surprising Facts About Stress. Here are a few topics that came out. But we covered so much more so I'd recommend a list to the webinar replay and a try out the activities in the PDF. Message me to get access to those.


What is stress?

Stress is a reaction to a stressor. And a stressor is an event which when humans first walked the earth could have been a big scary predator! So it used to be really helpful. But if you are stressed significantly or longer term then it can have a detrimental impact o your physical health.

Your response to that stressor will be physiological, psychological or emotional.

But nowadays it is probably an email from an unhappy client or having way too many tasks on your 'to do list' than you can get through in one day. It can also be around a happy event such as planning a wedding or moving into your dream home.

When you're changing jobs or careers it comes up often because there are lots of potential stressors from planning how to manage financial changes to making sure you give a great interview.

What you can do about it?

How you choose to manage your stress is very personal. It will depend on your experiences, learned behaviours, the event itself, your stress baselin