3 different kinds of New Year Resolutions

Often we think of Resolutions in fixed terms.

Sound familiar?

These resolutions are all great starting points.

However, sometimes our resolutions can almost become a punishment rather than something that helps us move forward.

If your usual resolutions don't usually work out then maybe it’s time to try something different?

Maybe it's time to be kinder to yourself?

Your resolution could still be challenging for you. But if we start by choosing something that will be supportive, helpful and nurturing, then we stand a better chance of acheiving it.


Firstly, where resolutions come from a place of feeling we must deliver something because of someone else. Often borne out of trying to please other people, or live up to expectations of what we should do.

Secondly, because if they are punishing goals then our brains try to protect us from this painful punishment by avoiding them. And then we fail. Choosing goals that are supportive, nourishing and helpful prevent our brains from going Inot this protective mode - so we avoid triggering the flight/freeze/fight response and have a better opportunity to succeed. Did you realise that procrastination can be a sign that our brains are in freeze or flight mode?

But what can we do to choose some different kinds of resolutions?

What will you let go of?

What is in your life that is holding you back?

New Year is a great time for a spring clean and as our lives move forward, sometimes we find things that used to work really well are now holding us back.

What is no longer serving you?

What do you want to let go of as you head into 2021? How much better will you future be if you could leave it behind you?

What will you hold on to?

What is working really well for you and is definitely worth holding onto?

Maybe a good habit you developed in 2020 that you want to keep up?

Consider habits, activities and techniques that have helped you along in the past few months. Maybe you are heading back into an office, or into a new job in the new year so have a think about how you can hold onto these great habits as your life evolves.

What will you add in?

What do you want to add into your life in 2021?

Is there something you didn’t have the time or energy for in 2020 but you know it would help you?

Or something that you know is missing and that you'd like to add in for the New Year?

And these don’t have to be goals or resolutions. It could be about developing habits that help you to have more energy or time. Maybe something that supports you in moving closer to your core values or a long term dream.

Sometimes we are so close to burnout, feeling low in energy, that the best thing we can do is to refuse to choose a New Year Resolution in the traditional, goal setting sense.

We can choose a different way ahead with our personal or professional development.

We can choose to be kind to ourselves and gently build healthy habits so that we build ourselves to a stronger position to take on a new goal or challenge in the future - or not, it's up to you!

You might still have want to lose a stone, get a promotion or run a marathon but hopefully you'll find a kinder way to do that for yourself.

Are you a career changer or job seeker?

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