4 ways to improve your New Year Resolutions

Some people love New Year resolutions. They can't wait to choose one and get into January.

But other people aren't that into them.

That's okay too.

Are you someone who thinks you should have a New Year resolution every year, but you can't seem to ever make it past the first few days or weeks?

Maybe this will help...

Don't make a Resolution just because you think you should

Firstly, if you think you should have a New Year resolution, then stop right now.

Making one because you think you should is not usually a good idea.

It might be the right resolution for you.

But doing something because you think you should is likely to cause issues.

So if you are keen to achieve then you'll need to look deeper for the 'why'.

What's it going to give you when you achieve it? How will you feel when you achieve it?

Digging deeper will uncover stronger motivators to help keep you on track if it gets tough in a few days or weeks. Maybe getting back into your jeans is more about getting energy from a healthier diet than how you look? Maybe getting that promotion is more about finding a job that you'll be happier in? Or finding a job that pays more so you can save up to pay off the mortgage sooner and move closer to your siblings or parents?

You can see how your original resolution could become more more meaningful. The actual resolution might not even change much. But you'll now have some strong motivators to help you over any hurdles along the way.

Call it something else

You might also want to ditch the word 'resolution' and replace it with something else. Some people love the word, but some hate it. Try other words and see what works best for you. Maybe a goal, dream, outcome, aim, or something else entirely.

I'd encourage you to make your own rules for this one.

There's a phrase that I see a lot as a Coach... "A dream is a goal without a plan"

And as a Coach, I often hear that we shouldn't call our goals "dreams" but I say, if it works for you then do it.

You can have a dream with a plan. I do!

So choose whatever works for you.

Get some help

We often launch into our resolutions on our own. But you don't have to.

You can ask people for help, you can ask people who've done it already what they suggest, and you can get a coach. You can join online groups or make one of your own. Whatever you need, be brave and ask for help.

Consider what help you need. Do you need expert advice? An inspirational role model? An accountability partner? A cheerleader?

Your support group can really help to keep you on track. Frequently my clients tell me that it's having accountability that is one of the most powerful reasons for having a Coach (there are other reasons!). That means you tell someone what you're going to do, and then they ask you about it on the day when you should have completed it. Try it!

Break it down

Most people choose a huge resolution. And it then gets scary. And you don't hit goals regularly or quickly so you lose motivation.

If you are committed to running 5k but are not exercising at all right now, then look for the simplest, easiest step you could take. Write that down and make that your first mini goal (or mini resolution).

Commit to it. Plan it in. Achieve it. And repeat!

Keep doing that and your big goal will soon be achieved.

It's a bit like deciding you want to run 10 miles non stop when you don't do any exercise at all right now. Your mini resolutions may be to buy trainers, download a training plan, spend the first week going out for 30 minute daily walks, and so on.

What can you get done today?

By keeping the main resolution as your aim, but focusing on achieving your mini resolution for now, you will be less likely to feel overwhelmed.

And by succeeding with the mini goals along the way, you'll get extra boosts to your motivation. Even better, you'll find it easier to tweak what you need to do along the way!

I hope that's helped you to plan an amazing New Year Resolution (or whatever you want to call it) and that you not only succeed with it but enjoy the process of achieving it.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful new year :)

Are you a career changer or job seeker?

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