Hello February! Here are 5 tools to help you achieve

We're now well onto our way to Spring. I've seen snowdrops out, daffodils starting to emerge and even heard a woodpecker.

Even more uplifting is seeing the days lengthen.

It is challenging entering February in lockdown so my personal focus for this month is on wellbeing whilst continuing to learn as much as I can in the new job I started a few weeks ago.

Here are a few suggestions from my toolkit that can be adapted for your wellbeing & work goals.

Visualise the end result

First, visualise the end result. How will it feel? How will you know you've got there? What will others notice about you? Repeat this often. You might have heard about athletes doing just this.

Whilst I'm no elite athlete, I did use this technique when I couldn't do the 'real' London Marathon last April. I did the virtual Marathon on my own in the October instead. It was my first ever marathon and I'd visualised so much that I could tell you at which point I'd virtually run as far as Cutty Sark or over Tower Bridge!

Break the big goal down into small action steps

Breaking a big goal down into small and manageable action steps helps to prevent overwhelm (and panic) because you are focusing on the much smaller and more manageable action & can trust that you're getting closer towards your goal.

I find this one of the most useful steps because as soon as overwhelm sets in, you find procrastination can appear too. If you are feeling stuck, then think about what you can do in the next few hours or days to move a step forward. What's the easiest thing you can do? When looking for a new job, my first step is to write down the requirements for what I'm looking for in my next job and go from there.

What do other people do?

Finding out what other people have done to achieve a similar goal can help you to understand your own journey. Looking towards experts and elites for inspiration can be really helpful. But to move you from where you are now, to where you want to be, it can be helpful to look to your peers or those a step or two closer than you are.

Whilst having a CEO role model can be hugely inspiring, you might find you also need to look at your peers for the initial steps that you need to take to get you there. What courses do they take? What projects are they working on? This is a great way of closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Get help

Don't feel you have to do this alone. Find peers, colleagues, managers, friends, family and others who can support you. Some might be there to inspire you, others to challenge you, or to give advice or resources.

Even though I'm a coach, I often have a coach working with me to help me achieve my goals. Often I find I need a coach for myself when I'm starting out and need some clarity, or am in the final stages and need to stay on track to the end!

Get creative

If you find a barrier to moving ahead then find another way. Get creative.

If I find it hard to think of a solution then I ask myself what would be the one thing I'd never do? The one thing that would be the strangest thing to do? The one thing that my role model would do? Or simply ask myself what would I do if I knew the answer? That usually does the trick!

Usually when I'm stuck, it's because I'm trying to find a reason to wriggle out of it so this really helps.

I hope this has been a useful article to help you to achieve your work and wellbeing goals.

What are your February goals?

To find out how 121 or group coaching could help you achieve your goal, contact me today for a free initial conversation.

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