Job seeking? Get help!

Whenever I've been job searching for a lengthy period of time, it can start to get to me.

(I'm inclined to be impatient so it doesn't take long for me to feel that the job search is taking a while longer than I'd like!)

One thing that I've learned in more recent years is to get help during my job search.

My question for you today is simply, who can help you?

Who can help you with proofreading your CV? Checking through your application form?

Reading through your LinkedIn profile?

Looking out for suitable jobs?

Give you a reference on LinkedIn?

Give you help with interview preparation?

Go for a walk with you to destress?

Chat through the challenges of job hunting?

It really works to get support. And it helps to offer your support to others as well.

I wish you all the best with your job search :)

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