What are your top ways to manage your time?

One of the main work topics I am asked about is how to manage time effectively.

It comes up for managers who are juggling their own workload with ensuring their team members have everything they need to perform at a high level. And for many people it's about finding a way to manage a growing workload without compromising on their home life.

The people who seem to find this most challenging are also those who appear most busy. They are rushing around, feeling pressured, drinking loads of coffee, skipping lunch and juggling lots of work.

Does this sound like you?

wellbeing could be a direct result of good time management

The British Psychological Society recently reported on the impacts of time management on "wellbeing factors such as life satisfaction, anxiety, depression, and positive and negative effect".

They found that "wellbeing is not simply a byproduct of a successfully managed work life but could be a direct result of good time management".