Spring into action!

We are now 2 months into 2021.

Signs of Spring are everywhere. The days are getting longer. It's feeling warmer and we've had some lovely sunny days with spring flowers appearing and buds on the trees.

Right now, many people are reporting that the warmer weather and having more hours of daylight is helping them to feel much more motivated.

Spring is a great time to reflect on your goals

So this can be a great time to think ahead to where you'd like to be at the end of the year.

Where do you want to be in a few months' time?

How do you want to feel?

Who would you like to be around you?

Close your eyes and really think about how you want to be living in a few months' time.

Ideally, write this down.

Imagine you're telling someone about your life in a few months' time.

What will you tell them?

Write it all down.

Then look at what you've written down. What's the most important thing on the page?

Time to bridge the gap

And now have a think about where you are right now and what you can do to bridge that gap between now and where you want to be in a few months' time.

Looking at that, what's the first thing you need to do?

And how can you break that down even more so you've identified the smallest step to take towards what you want?

Now write that down as your first action to take.

Next, add in a date for when you will take it, anyone who you need help from, how you will ensure you take that action, and how it will feel to have taken that first step.

Great work!

You've now know what you're aiming for, and what your first step is to bridge the gap between your current circumstances and that future goal.

You can do this!

If you are finding it a challenge to keep on track with your work goals, maybe you want to be more confident at work or handle pressure better? Then get in contact with me to find out how coaching could support you at www.nickypeachment.com/lets-talk

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