What's stopping you?

We have a long Easter bank holiday coming up.

It's a great time for rest and recovery time. But it could also be time to tackle a drain on your life.

Let's get rid of your drains and put some colour back into your life.

Identify your energy vampire, and do something about it

If you have 4 days away from work, then this can be a brilliant time to tackle those jobs that you've been putting off, but which play on your mind and drain your energy.

You know the ones...

  • The junk drawer which never closes properly because it needs a good sort out

  • The wardrobe that you can never find anything in because it needs a clear out

  • The pile of books that you never get round to reading

  • The banking that you can't bear to look at

  • The studying that you keep putting off

  • The phone call that you know you need to make, but keep avoiding

I don't know where to start?

Taking the first step can seem too hard. But it's really easy.

Get yourself sat down with a drink, notepad and pen. Even the back of an envelope will do.

Now write down every time that is getting in your way. Every thing.

Everything that you have been putting off.

Everything that is playing on your mind,

Everything that you are not getting around to.

Now you can start to clear the drains.

There is so much to do still - I'm feeling stuck!

It might be a huge list and you might feel overwhelmed.

So, start with the simplest job. Or the one that will make the biggest positive impact on your life. Or the one that's the most fun to clear. Or the one that's been around the longest.

It doesn't matter.

These are all draining your energy so if you clear one of them, then that frees up energy to pick up another one and tackle that.

And when you start, do it in small steps. Congratulate yourself for taking on this task and getting it moving. And celebrate when it's done.

It's also important to rest

Remember that you have at least 4 days off if you work a 'normal' job pattern. Remember to rest and have some fun time as well so that you go back to work feeling recharged. Take some time out.

You wouldn't leave your phone battery to go flat over the Easter weekend would you? So remember to recharge your batteries too.

However you plan to spend the long weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time and make lots of happy memories as well as ditching at least one of those pesky energy vampires!

If you are finding it tough going and need a little help getting unstuck or to find a better way to recharge your batteries, you can set up a free initial consultation chat with me at www.nickypeachment.com/lets-talk

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