Business owner coaching

"super power on your shoulder"

Having your own business is tough. If it was easy, then more people would do it successfully.

Being the sole business owner is a high pressure job - you're often taking on multiple role at the same time - CEO, finance director, sales manager.

It's down to you to make the business decisions, manage your time, and grow your business.


As a business owner (or potential business owner), it can also feel overwhelming to balance your business with your life goals.  How can you balance your life outside work?

During sessions, you will find ways to overcome obstacles by identifying strengths and resources, and considering lots of options before you commit to action.


Coaching can enable you to identify what you want out of your business aside from income.


It can bring clarity and focus to what your priorities are and find balance between work and home.

With coaching, you're in the driving seat. It's your business.


As your coach, I'm here to help you find your best route to the destination you have chosen. Without judgement, opinion or advice.


And when you succeed with your goal, I'll make sure you celebrate your achievement too.