Stress and Resilience

Notice. Learn. Adapt, Thrive.

Psychologists define stress as the response to a 'stressor'.

The stressor can be any number of things. It could be an ongoing health issue, job promotion, redundancy or an upcoming wedding. It could also be around public speaking, delivering a report on time or making a sales call.

The stressor causes a physical, emotional, psychological and physiological change in you.

And that reaction will differ between people. But also, the same stressor will lead to a different reaction int he same person when repeated.

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Being a Type A, I now realise that I need to take extra care because I know now that I"m predisposed to responding strongly to stressors

It helps me to take stock regularly so that I can eliminate those mood hoovers and energy vampires that keep my stress baseline raised

Hard as it is. I understand that the stress I am feeling is my response to the stressor and that I do have control over that. Easier said than done...