Team coaching

'No matter the state is of business, a company can always enhance it's performance, and this enhancement most often reflects an increase in company profit'

(The Telegraph)

Multi-Person Coaching

If you are a business or charity with several people to be coached; but you'd prefer them to be coached on a 1:1 basis, please ask me about my multi-coaching packages

Group Coaching

When you have a team working towards a single goal, a group coaching programme can be really effective. Each one is bespoke to the organisation and team. Yet the areas covered are likely to include goal clarity, milestones, KPIs, roles and responsibilities, strengths and challenges.  Having managed multi-projects, I've seen the importance of each of these key areas within programmes of work!

Coaching Workshops

Coaching based workshops are a great option if you're looking to like to inject some coaching magic into your business. Each can be run as a full or half day.

Here are my core workshops to give you some ideas but I'd love to talk to you first to understand your objectives.

Coaching Skills for Managers

As a manager myself, I found the skills that coaches use come in very useful in the workplace.  

True coaching takes time and training to develop. This workshop gives you a practical introduction to skills and techniques that are useful in a range of business situations including staff reviews, sales meetings, networking and more.

Team Development Coaching

Understanding one another and identifying the strengths that individuals bring to a team is at the heart of this workshop. The team work together to unpack the strengths they bring and we work to a business objective so it's ideal for planning new projects or how to reach a team target.

Effective Goal Setting for Managers

Whilst most managers are familiar with SMART objectives, this workshop uses coaching tools to dig deeper into what makes an effective goal. We also explore the balance of personal and business goals for individuals, and how personality and values impact the likelihood of a goal being successfully achieved.

These workshops can be run as full or half days on-site.